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  • What does VIP admission cover?
    VIP tickets are $75 and include early admission , VIP Lounge, logoed Glen Cairn glass, and a gift bag.
  • What does my general admission ticket cover?
    General admission tickets are $45 in advance and $55 at the door include access to the festival in Colorado Springs, unlimited tastes and samples, and a sample glass.
  • What about my pets?
    Please leave your furry and flying family members at home. No pets are invited to enjoy the festival, but they’ll certainly be happy to see you when you get home!
  • What about my kids?
    We love our kids AND our spirits but our kids shouldn't love the spirits quite yet, so please call your parents, your sister, or your babysitter to watch the kiddos while you enjoy the festival. All attendees will be ID’d at the entrance and must have a wristband for access.
  • What can I bring?
    If you feel like packing some sammies, snacks and a water bottle for the event, you are more than welcome to bring it. We’ll be digging through your stuff at the entry gate though, just to make sure you don’t try to pack in more spirits(we will have plenty) or a beer for your friend (this is a spirits fest after alll). Sorry, but no wagons/carts are allowed into the event.
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